About the worldstartupexpo

WSE is the ultimate meeting point for tech founders, innovation executives, and investors to build partnerships and shape the future. A massive gathering of exhibitors, entrepreneurs, other front-runners in technology, national and international speakers, backers and investors from different parts of the world to network for the betterment of technology and mankind. The event sets stage for a Global Expo conference which started off in the Silicon Valley in India and shall pave its way as a global event. The chain of events shall witness technology conference event, Tech Hackathons, Pitch competitions, Startup awards and much more.

why Attend

WSE has got all the ingredients for grooming the start-up ecosystem.




The start-up world is exponentially growing to new heights. More hi-tech products that apply the most modern technology are introduced for the betterment of mankind. Interact with industry professionals and know about cutting edge products that can be backed to enrich your investment portfolio.



WSE continues to be the comprehensive trade fair for entrepreneurs to showcase products and achieve intended business goals. Rated as Asia's biggest start-up expo, WSE continues to forge a better platform for exhibitors to expose innovations for best results.



WSE combines an exhibition featuring a wide range of tech solutions, services and products across various categories and alongside, the visitors also get valuable insights about IoT through interactive seminars and conferences. Know what is trending, what is upcoming in the tech world and update your knowledge.

Target Audience


Our operations aim at collaborating with the entire community associated with us. Ideas are getting a comprehensive platform for exploring the industry. The event is presented by an authoritative source, who are pioneers in various tools of empowering ideas. The event is designed with important tools, merging modern technology, dynamic people and flawless processes to make innovators achieve better growth.

Innovators at wse

Businessmen / Startups

Being an event that continuously motivates innovation; start-ups and businessmen can't afford to miss the occasion. All the businessman who walks down for the event are not only getting inspired and unlocking opportunities, but also becoming a role model for others to follow their dreams. Those who are participating in this coveted event are also contributing to the start-up wave which is strongly prevailing across the globe.

Startups at wse

venture capitalists / Investors

If innovation is one of the powerful engines that drive economies, then investors or VC's are the super hero who lends a hand for innovation to conquer the tuff time – of course, in exchange of a piece of pie. Asia's biggest start-up expo will feature only the best contenders that rhyme skilful entrepreneurship, that investors are meeting the most profitable start-up options.

Venture capitalist at wse 2016

Category Segments

Innovations comes in all sizes and shapes. WSE has incorporated a comprehensive list of category list to cover all the innovations.

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